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To ensure the product’s high-quality standards, MBC Tower has formed an integrated quality control system. Each product is tested and assessed to ensure it meets our high standards before being introduced to consumers. We have a vigilant employee monitoring system in place to ensure that we maintain our highest standard of quality over all stages of production.

Water Absorbtion

Water absorption is of particular interest in the ceramic packing as it indicates the degree of firing and vitreousity of the packing material.

Resistance to Acid

Acid resistance indicates the resistance or the solubility of the material subjected to the attack of concentrated acid.

Crushing Strength

Crushing strength is the load required to break the packing. In Ceramic rings it is applied diametrically and strength is usually expressed in Kg/linear Cm., while in case of saddles and other items the total load required in Kg. to break the piece is expressed as crushing strength.

Chemical Analysis

In packing materials, the chemical analysis is only indicated since the versatility of the packing depends on the performance of the product.

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